Hyeeee...am back....weeeeeeeeeee..~!!This entry was different from the other as before, I wanted to share these tips for those who are lazy to go out for exercise and keep a lot of fat in the body,look at uuu...i see ur body like "The melting scrap rubber" huhuhu .. OMG!!time to change those peeps become a sexiest man n woman...vroommmmmmmmmmmm...~!!

help me...cant move like a top model...huhuhu!!


You can get the same benefits at home as you would in a step aerobics class at the gym. If you have a staircase in your home, you can get a great workout by simply climbing the stairs. To start, stand at the bottom of the stairs and walk in place for about one minute to get your leg muscles warmed up. Next, step up onto the first stair, and then back down. Repeat this move on the first stair only ten times. Walk in place for fifteen seconds. Next, walk up the first two stairs, and then back down, then walk up one stair and back down. Repeat ten times. Then go up three stairs, come down, walk up two stairs, come down, and walk up one stair and come down. Repeat ten times. Continue the pattern up ten stairs. You will definitely feel the burn by the end of this step routine. I don’t recommend going up more than ten stairs because it will get tricky to walk back down after that point. If you feel winded or dizzy, start slow. Stick with the first three stairs, and gradually build up your endurance over the weeks and months to come.

erk!!better than BATU CAVES stairs..


If you are a devout couch potato, and you love vegging-out in front of the television, then commercial break exercise bursts are right for you. While you are watching, do some curls with five or ten pound weights. When a commercial comes on, get up for a burst of intense exercise. Do some sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, or crunches. Get your heart rate up. When the show comes back on, you can go back to the light exercise. Continue the cycle throughout your shows… every little bit counts! You will hardly realize that you are getting a workout

1 and 2 and 3..mumy am already wee..wee~!!(push-ups)

cacacici..oh yeah~!!(jumping jacks)

1 more..urghhhh..i need my meal..uwaaa(sit-ups)


If you have an office chair with wheels (a swivel chair), then you can do some arm workouts right at your desk. Just hold onto the edge of your desk while you are seated in the chair, and use your arm muscles to pull yourself close to the desk, and then push yourself back away. This will work your biceps.

help me..i need (rolling chair presses),this bed trying to make me sleep~!!


Life is busy, so try to multi-task if you don’t have time to fit in a proper work out. When you are stuck in front of the sink doing dishes, march in place. You can also try some calf exercises: just lift yourself up and down on your tiptoes. You should try to incorporate exercise into your daily tasks whenever possible.

more dishes plisss~!!(up and down on your tiptoes)


If you can afford to get just one piece of workout equipment for your home gym, it should be a treadmill. Walking and jogging on a treadmill will give you an excellent cardiovascular workout. Try to get in a minimum of thirty minutes a day. Experiment with different speeds and inclines.

oh my idol~!!(treadmill)


dancing is a great way to burn off pounds, and it also great fun. Turn on some off your favorites tunes with a fast and energetic beat, and break it down. It doesn’t matter what you look like – all that matters is that you are burning calories, and loving every minute of it.

i like to move it move it!!

ok guys,i need my pillow,blanket n mattress,uwaaaa...almost fell asleep at my lappy..ayarkkkk!! 6:13 mownink..need to sleepppppppp...try it guys n gud luck~!!adiosssssssss...zzZZzZZzzZ

p/s:to my sis..sowy..no heart feeling keyh,ahahahaha..love ya,muacksss:*

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